What services does Shuffling Madness Media provide?

Political Media Advocacy and Action.
Shuffling Madness Media has an arm that is focused on keeping people informed of current events, legislation and political hapennings in this great country. But, we take it one step further. Through the use of technology, we provide the ability for people to take action, to get their voices heard and to make an impact. We do this through directly contacting governing bodies, Congress, The Senate and The President with faxes, phone calls and outreach. Our technology is real time and allows each voice to become part of a greater whole, thereby increasing the impact and effectiveness of reaching out.

Increased Donor Response.
One of the most difficult tasks any non-profit faces is that of keeping in touch with donors, finding donors and getting cost effective donations. (This is also true of For-Profit organizations that are seeking donations). Shuffling Madness has technology in place that can find donors, better pinpoint donors, communicate with the donor base and increase donation funds. This all done through our systems, processes and technology.

Marketing and Advertising Campaigns.
As anybody in Marketing and Advertising can tell you, getting your voice out to the customer base can be expensive and hit and miss. Shuffling Madness can help cut through the confusion, cut the costs of reaching out to and communicating with your customer base and show you increased response rates to your marketing and advertising campaigns.